When Nature Comes to Visit

“Be careful what you wish for.” Most of us are familiar with this phrase. Most of us also have first-hand knowledge of the hard truth of the phrase. And yet, we still wish.

If you have read my previous posts, you may have realized that Regina and I have wished for a more meaningful connection with nature, and have tried to make that wish come true by how we are treating our land, as well as both becoming Certified Texas Master Naturalists.

However, the truth is we do not control nature, and we need to be willing to accept what nature does.

For instance, we have placed several bird feeders in our backyard in order to attract a variety of birds. We can enjoy watching the birds at the feeders, and Regina can take her amazing photographs. There is another species that also likes to watch the birds at the feeders. This species is known as a Cooper’s Hawk. Her purpose in watching is somewhat different from ours. She needs to eat.







Or consider this mystery. One day we had three chickens. The next day we had only two. The question is, who helped themselves to the chicken buffet, and how did they get in over the eight foot fence, catch the chicken, get back out, and leave no remains? We don’t have a clue!

A Couple of days ago, Regina noticed a hole in the outside wall of the garage. She promptly pointed it out to me, and I promptly covered it with a piece of sheet metal. My intention was ill advised, and I apologize. However, the next day there was another hole beneath the sheet metal. Whoever chewed their way in, had chewed their way out. That makes sense. I’m thinking it is probably a squirrel looking for a safe nesting place.







Even plants can bring issues to the table. We have been told that Chinese Tallow trees are not native, and can be very invasive. Agustin and I have removed several from our back pasture. In fact, he got a little carried away one day, and removed some nice native trees he thought were the “bad” ones. I have to admit they did look similar. However, it is hard to remove them when they look this pretty at this time of year.








On a positive note, take a look at this Eastern Red Cedar sapling that just decided to start growing right next to our barn. We have several large trees on our property that we refer to as volunteers. They have sprung up by themselves, and some have grown into wonderful trees.

The bottom line about nature is it isn’t restricted by the same rules of morality and ethics as we are. (Well, most of us) The rule of nature is about survival and procreation. Nature has no malice. It has no free will. It has no choice but to do what it is intended to do. 

Our welcome mat is out.



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2 Responses to When Nature Comes to Visit

  1. Suzanne Ezell says:

    Love it! Good story and good writing!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Wayne Barton says:

    Nice catch-up Dale, and I trust you and Regina are well and safe. Interesting that though my property is not the size of yours, and you are in Texas amid I’m in Illinois. we have similar situations. I have a giant American Elm that decided 45 years ago my side yard was just perfect for its needs. It’s beautiful. Also, a Coopers Hawk a few years ago decided my yard was the perfect restaurant and has been with us ever since.
    Wayne Barton

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