And The Beat Goes On

Well here I am again with my latest update to the process of changing our environment. It is now the beginning of April, and things are beginning to happen. Green is becoming more prevalent all around, birds and bees are showing up in larger numbers, we are able to open our windows to breathe fresh air and sleep with the sound of the wishing well fountain, and we are excited that Spring has sprung.

Honey bee on clover blossom

Regina picked up four native trees from the Denton County Soil and Water Conservation District – two Mexican Plum and two Vitex (Chasetree Berry), which I planted in the experimental pasture. These are small, but are already putting on growth.





Manual labor

Last month we cleaned out some dead stuff from the section in front of our house and planted three elderberry trees. Elderberry Wine anyone? Regina also spread some new wildflower seeds in the area.

Elderberry tree – look closely







Back in the Fall, D&L Feed hosted a honey tasting event. It was an enjoyable evening with good food, wine, and plenty of honey to taste from local beekeepers. Several years ago I thought it would be a fun hobby to have bee hives and collect the honey.  I found out quickly that beekeeping is not a hobby, it is a job! It was very interesting to learn about bees and their behaviors, however the hardest part is suiting up in your overalls, gloves, and veil when the temperature in July is 100 degrees.








But I digress.  At the event at D&L we met one couple who have a bunch of hives in the area close to us. The conversation eventually came around to exploring the possibility of putting some of their hives on our property. The first hive arrived on Thursday, with two more coming soon. The bees seem to be very active and happy. Now this is the way to have bees!

New bee hive









We also hope to have some native bees (honey bees are not native) to help with the pollination. Their accommodations are ready and waiting.

Native bee habitat




Native bee habitat












So far, there is not much activity from the wildflower seeds we spread in the fall, but it is early, and we have to be patient. We had seven and a quarter inches of rain in February, but only two inches in March. Hopefully, we will have the “April showers that bring May flowers.”



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2 Responses to And The Beat Goes On

  1. shutterpug says:

    Yes… and now we wait! This is an exciting time of year! Unfortunately the heat of summer will be upon us before we know it, but when those wildflowers start to bloom, it will be worth the effort. And a lot of effort is going into this endeavor! Keep up the good work!

  2. Aunt Beulah says:

    I am so impressed with your determination to change your environment and the progress you’ve made. Bees are a marvelous addition. Are the homes for leaf cutter bees? I had a great uncle who made his living from his orchards, and he talked about attracting native bees, showed me a home he thought would do the trick that I remember as being similar, and called them leaf cutter bees. I loved the man and the life he and his family led.

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