There are some things in this world of ours that are bewildering to me.  I just simply don’t understand bigotry, misogyny, narrow mindedness, stupidity, bullying, politicking, spouse bashing, and packaging, just to name a few.

Did I say packaging? Yes, I did.

Packaging is in a world all its own, of which I have very little understanding.  Yes, I realize it has something to do with marketing and sales, but the absurdity of it has me baffled.

First of all, why are some packages ten times larger than they need to be to hold the merchandise? Well, “ten times” may be a slight exaggeration, but they are often one half to one third full.  Who ever designs these larger than life packages must think the rest of the world is stupid.

If some products were packaged in a container appropriate to the amount of product inside, we probably would seriously question the exorbitant price. So, maybe we are stupid, or just gullible. I vote for gullible, since I dislike stupidity.


And it seems that fewer and fewer products are coming in packaging that is recyclable.  Or, perhaps it is recyclable, but doesn’t have the symbol on it. That is very disturbing to me.


How about the packages that require a cold chisel and sledge hammer to open.  I especially like the packages that have a little arrow pointing to a particular location with a statement saying “Easy Open.”  Are they kidding?  I have never encountered an “easy open” point that was actually easy.  By the time you get the thing open, you have forgotten why you even wanted the item in the first place.

hard                                                      hard2

The most amazing part of the packaging situation to me is how often a product changes their packaging.  There is often a note on the new packaging that says, “New Look, Same Great Product.”  What was wrong with the old packaging?  They probably think the new packaging is going to attract new customers.  In reality, they may lose some old customers, like me, who can’t recognize the old product with the new “dress.”

tide                   chips

Recently, a product I use every day changed its packaging, indicating that it was much better.  I find the bottle much more difficult to get into, and certainly not any better than the old bottle.

Of course, the worst thing about changing packaging is the cost.  I don’t have any figures, but I know that changing a product’s packaging must cost a lot of money.  There are people who design the new look, companies who have to reset the structure or printing, etc., and all these folks want to get paid for their work.

So, who pays for all of this?  We do.  The cost will most likely be passed on to the consumer.  Yippee!!!!


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6 Responses to Packaging

  1. Wayne Barton says:

    You’ve hit on all the reasons for unnecessary plastic forms of all types in the of consumerism. Marlies’ pet peeve. I must believe it’s been determined to be a successful practice or it wouldn’t exist. Like so many practices and habits accepted as natural or normal. I can only optimistically hope one day a better way will become the norm. Probably when it becomes a necessity.

    • Yes, it does seem to be the norm across the board. Your optimism is appreciated, but I fear a bit unrealistic. As long as companies can find a way to make more money, the trend will continue.

  2. I think they change packaging so they can put less of the product in but still charge the same amount. I bought a container of ice cream last week (something I rarely do) and instead of being 2 quarts like it was “back in the day”, it was 1.5 quarts. For the same $$. New look my arse…

  3. Aunt Beulah says:

    So good to be reading your unique viewpoints once again, Troy, and you described one of my pet peeves with this one. The lady you show trying to open the package with her teeth? That’s me, but I look more enraged. Everything you hate about packaging, I hate as well. This was a good read because it was gratifying I’m not alone in my sea of un-openable packages.

    • I don’t believe the people who design these impossible packages ever try to open them. Surely if they did, they would figure out a better way. Or maybe they are just a bunch of disgruntled, sadistic bastards.

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