Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming! Or Not!

Do you receive letters this time of year from family or friends that enumerate all their significant events of the past year? Some of the events are wonderful and some of the events are horrific. For some reason, these people think we want to read a one or two page letter reiterating things that, if we are close family or close friends, we already know.

We don’t receive a lot of these letters, but when we do, it is always amazing to read the personal and sometimes inappropriate information that makes up the body of the letter. And don’t get me started on the religious inferences that are found in the conclusion. We don’t need to hear how Jesus has blessed you all year long, after you have told us what a terrible year it has been.

Christmas Letter 2007

Is it the best year ever or the worst year ever? Make a choice. Or has this just been a typical year like we all have, with highs and lows? So, if you’re going to send us a letter anyway, at least stop and think carefully about the content.  Are you looking for sympathy, congratulations, or do you just need to get it off your chest?

And how about the letters and cards that come from an acquaintance  you have not heard from or spoken to since last year’s letter. The year has gone by fast, but not so fast that, if you really are a friend, didn’t you have time to say “Howdy” sometime around July or August? Hell, at my age every year goes by fast.

time flies

Then there are the cards that say, “Let’s get together,” or “I wish we could visit sometime soon.” Again, why do you say those things at Christmas time, with no intention of making the effort to make it happen any other time during the year? Is it just me, or do you feel sucked into their drama. I want to say, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”


I know this post will offend some of you, and I realize that a greeting once a year seems better to you than none at all. But let’s be honest. People seem to send these letters and cards out of some sense of obligation. They have a list of “contacts” that must receive some sort of communication at this time of year. Please don’t waste the stamp on us, it isn’t working.


I like to communicate with my friends on an on-going basis year round. So to those, I send a heart felt greeting now, and you know I will be in touch before next year.

happy holidays



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16 Responses to Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming! Or Not!

  1. Marlane says:

    I love this. We feel the same way.

  2. shutterpug says:

    Soooo… are you reading my mind? Could not agree more!

  3. hwherbs says:

    I really like the Baa Hum Bug cartoon.

  4. Doobster418 says:

    It’s like those mass emails that the senior executives at my company, most of whom I’ve never met and who probably have no idea who I am, send out to all employees. They thank us profusely for our “valued contributions” to the success of the company — many of which are carefully itemized in the lengthy email — and wish us all a wonderful holiday season. I don’t even bother to open them. I just delete them.

    Have a great…whatever…and a happy New Year!

    • I suppose irritating letters come in all shapes and sizes, and through all sorts of media. What are these folks thinking when they compose such a missive? Do they really think they have fooled us into thinking they actually care? Thanks for the comment. Happy Holidays to you.

  5. Wayne Barton says:

    Well Brother, you no doubt heard me chuckling as I read through your latest. Once again you’ve hit the mark but though I fear you’re preaching to the choir, it’s always good to hear your voice. As for me, stay the good course..sending my very best to you, glad to be sharing all that we have. you’re always in my thoughts.

    • As you are in mine. Sometimes the choir needs a little preaching, just to let them know they are not alone. Thanks for your continued support.

      • Wayne Barton says:

        You are right. We all need a little prodding now and then. And since you’re the good prodder, I’m glad to be a proddee. You do it so well with the right tincture of humor.

  6. Marlane says:

    I have enjoyed reading all the comments and got a good laugh.

  7. Aunt Beulah says:

    My favorite letter this year enumerated the death of two goats, a cat maimed in a fight, a dog too old to walk, a truck that died, and the boss from hell. “But the year has been a good one, and we hope yours is as well.” Thanks for speaking for me with this post.

  8. Ellen Floyd says:

    I love this blog. Our new family motto is “Not y circus, not my monkeys” I’ll see you soon.

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