‘Twas the Week of Thanksgiving

Let me say from the very beginning, I don’t need a day or a week to be thankful for what I have. My life is so good, I am thankful every morning when I rise that I have another day to spend with my wife, our animals, and living on our own piece of land. We have good health and everything we need to be happy.

And yet, here we are faced with another holiday that has been created from erroneous history about pilgrims and indians sitting down together to consume large portions of turkey, bread, and probably pumpkin pie. Well, I will not go into the fabricated history surrounding Thanksgiving. You can research that on your own


What I will address is the present day turmoil that is Thanksgiving week.

The first half of my own Thanksgiving week is devoted to hanging thousands of Christmas lights on our property, or as I like to call them, Winter Solstice lights. This is in preparation of the “firing” of the lights on Thanksgiving night. In a previous post I believe I explained the “rules” regarding these lights.  Let There be Light(s)


While I am talking about the first part of the week, have you been out in your car this week? People get crazy this time of year. I swear today the world was out on the roads, and at least 75% of them were hell bent on killing me. I have never seen such idiotic driving. Of course, in our area, the schools are out all week (no wonder our kids are far behind the rest of the world), so the drivers include those younger idiots as well.

Then comes Thanksgiving day. There are parades, football games, and a huge dinner, where families sit down together to be thankful, and to wish they were somewhere else. Luckily, Regina and I will be able to sit down tomorrow evening to a dinner of home made enchiladas. And we will not wish we were somewhere else. Actually, I will have my traditional turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Traditional in the sense that I have it almost every day.

However, the most confusing day of the week is BLACK FRIDAY. Even though the name seems ominous and frightening, I do understand that it was so named to indicate the day when retailers have a chance of getting in the black (profitable). Only in America will people try to stomp on one another one day after giving thanks for what they have, in order to get something they want (at a discount). There were folks sitting in chairs outside our local BestBuy on Tuesday, in order to be first in line when the store opens at 5 PM on Thursday. That is insane! I look forward to the arrival of Black Friday simply to be rid of the ads and promotions.


To our animals, Thanksgiving is just another day. A day to eat, sleep, have shelter, and be loved. I’m going with their take on the day.



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13 Responses to ‘Twas the Week of Thanksgiving

  1. hwherbs says:

    Ok, but I really do like seeing the Rockettes in the Macy’s parade.

  2. shutterpug says:

    Yes! Yes! Well said! I thought I was the only one to feel this way. And the craziness started extra early this year!

    Just today I went to a local grocery store to pick up a couple things. Their prices are not as competitive as the other store I normally shop at but I was not about to get caught up in the craziness. They were not very busy and I found all the checkers standing at the end of their cash register aisle to greet customers. I wished them all a Happy Thanksgiving a day early and one of the gals said that she really liked my smile and that it made her day, and then the other checkers were verbalizing in agreement. What she didn’t know is… she made my day too! To my mind… that’s how the holidays should be! Lots of good will and a lot less of the craziness!

  3. Well, Happy Holidays to you, and thanks for the comment.

  4. Doobster418 says:

    No Black Friday mayhem for me. No Cyber Monday nonsense, either. Just a few days off where I don’t have to “show up” for work, even if showing up for me is logging into my corporate network from my home. Just some R ‘n R. Sounds like you’re hoping for the same.

  5. jennkcreates says:

    I hibernate during these crazy times.

  6. Wayne Barton says:

    Another well-placed shot across the bow. A warm, relaxing sit-down with loved ones, dear friends and devoted pets; raise a glass of rich red wine and toast,” It’s good to see ya’, thanks for comin’.” And to you, “Thanks for writin’ the bear.”

  7. Aunt Beulah says:

    Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday because of its emphasis on eating good, homemade food with people you love. Now it’s dwarfed by the insanity of Christmas. I miss the way Thanksgiving used to be.

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