Me And The Girls

Thursday morning my wife started a sentence with, “Those girls…” We often talk about the humorous and sometimes naughty behavior of our animals, but this particular opening caused me to stop and think, “Which group of girls is she talking about?”

We have a total of 40 animals on our place, and 23 of those are female. The phrase “Those girls” could refer to our two cats, our two dogs, the 8 chickens, or the two miniature donkeys (all female). It could even refer to the four baby doll sheep (all female). Let me set the scene more clearly. Within the ranks of the 17 male animals, there is not one single testicle to be found (if you were so inclined to search for one).

Regina with Angel and Rosie

Regina with Angel and Rosie

In essence, I am surrounded by female and neutered animals. Do I feel outnumbered and threatened? NO! I have lived my whole life in the presence of females, and feel very comfortable with that existence. I had two sisters, no brothers. By my first wife I had a daughter, and she had two daughters. Get the picture?

Me with my mother and sisters

Me with my mother and sisters

You see, I truly believe in the importance of the feminine energy. In fact, I think that women should be “in charge.” I agree with Deepak Chopra when he says, “I think we need the feminine qualities of leadership, which include attention to aesthetics and the environment, nurturing, affection , intuition, and the qualities that make people feel safe and cared for.”

After all, who starts wars? Women? No, men start wars. So it stands to reason (and many of you will question my reasoning, if not my sanity) if women were “in charge”, we would not have wars. We might have endless discussions, but no wars. (Uh-oh, I may have crossed the line there.)

chicken talk

But, pressing on. Throughout the history of human existence, many cultures have placed a great emphasis on the importance of the Goddess. In agricultural societies the Goddess was the essence of fertility and birth. In many religions the Goddess holds a position of supernatural powers and even deity. Christianity felt the need to create its own Goddess in Mary, who is still held in high regard in the Catholic Church.

Brigid the Triple Goddess

Brigid the Triple Goddess

There is Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Ships, weapons, countries, cities are all referred to as she. The moon, which controls our gravitational forces, is referred to as female. There is no mistaking that the power of the feminine energy is alive and well in our world.

So, where does that leave those of us who are of the masculine persuasion? In good hands! We are the necessary balance to the equation. We are the yang to their yin. We have logic and strength on our side, but we are not in competition with the feminine energy. I believe we are meant to assist this energy in any way possible, without impeding its progress.


So, when my wife says, “Those girls,” I say, “You go girls!”






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3 Responses to Me And The Girls

  1. hwherbs says:

    You are so right, there would be endless discussions AND hair tossing.

  2. Wayne Barton says:

    Funny, charming, delightful and spot on. Any of us “of the masculine persuasion” who miss this connection with the other half of the species are really doing themselves a grand disservice. It was just a few days ago I whispered once again to Marlies as she closed her eyes anticipating the arrival of Morpheus, “I’m a better man just for knowing you.” And that’s after 45 years. Such a blessing.

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