There are many lessons to be learned from nature and animals-the natural cycle of  nature, the choices that animals make to survive, and take only what they need.  The bear is a good example to be followed. The bear is a very powerful animal who can be quite ferocious when challenged, but is not naturally aggressive.  A nice balance for which to strive.

I have chosen the bear as a guide for my blog because of the lessons it has taught me.  The most important of these lessons has to do with its hibernation.  During this hibernation the bear is able to exist on its stored fat.  The lesson here is to go within ourselves to find the resources that we have in order to survive.  Through this introspection, we will discover that all we need is already there.

Another interesting fact about bears is that an impregnated female bear will give birth to two or three cubs during her deep sleep.  The cubs will be kept warm and nourished during the Winter, and will follow the mother out of the den in the Spring.  They will stay with their mother for two years, until they are strong enough and mature enough to survive on their own.  So during our time of solitude and introspection, we can give birth to new ideas that we can introduce to the world.  However, we need to be patient – some ideas may need some time to mature to the point that they can flourish in the real world.

So, with bear as my guide, I hope this blog will help you to awaken your bear.  I hope you will be willing to ferociously defend what you believe without being aggressive toward others beliefs; go within yourself to tap those resources you have to survive in your world; and create new and exciting ideas that you can nourish and nurture to maturity.

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2 Responses to BE A BEAR

  1. Regina says:

    Great writing.

  2. lynb2013 says:

    So beautifully said, Troy. I am inviting Bear to stick close to me. I need all of these gifts.

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